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Get to Know a Grad Student: Chris Thawley

Our last PhD student for “Get to Know a Grad Student” is Chris Thawley from Penn State University. Chris is currently a member of Dr. Tracy Langkilde’s lab at PSU, but I met him while he was a Masters student at the University of Alabama with Dr. Leslie Rissler.    Chris Thawley in a shirt that was surely made by AND1. Here is what Chris thinks about his grad school experience: What kind of research do you do? Please give the scientific version and the non-scientist version. Less-scientific version: Broadly, I study how species adapt when their environment (habitat, other […]

Get to Know a Grad Student: Juli Goldenberg

Next up for Get to Know a Grad Student: Juli Goldenberg, Masters student at San Diego State University Juli in her native environment. She is demonstrating the extremely difficult “No-look pipette transfer”. What kind of research do you do? Please give the scientific version and the non-scientist version. (science-y version) The broad goal of my research is to improve coalescent-based methods of multilocus species tree inference and species delimitation. Specifically, my project focuses on elucidating the species limits and phylogenetic relationships within the Western Rattlesnake (Crotalus viridis) species complex – a wide-ranging group of rattlesnakes that currently contains three recognized […]

Get to Know a Grad Student: Kyle Weichert

Kyle contemplating science with field assistant The second installation of the Get to Know a Grad Student series is Kyle Weichert. Kyle is a Master of Science student at California Polytechnic State University in Dr. Emily Taylor‘s lab. I’ve never met Kyle in person, but have talked to several reliable sources that say he’s a swell guy. Good enough for me, and lucky you for getting to hear his point of view.Here is what Kyle thinks about being a grad student: What research do you do? Scientific and non-scientist versions, please. I am studying the physiological factors that affect the Western […]

Get To Know a (Future) Grad Student: Cyndi Carter

I know, blog posts have been rolling in a little farther and farther apart.But hark!I have indeed been cooking some new things up between my work hours. One of these new projects is going to be called “Get To Know a Grad Student”, and is born from a simple idea: we grad students seem to learn the most from each other. I thought it would be interesting to profile some folks from my small corner of science so everyone out there, scientist or not, can get some perspective on the interesting diversity of scientists out there: who they are, what […]