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Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology

What’s Going On in Science, September 2014

Why student evaluations of teaching are worthless “The paper compared the student evaluations of a particular professor to another measure of teacher quality: how those students performed in a subsequent course. In other words, if I have Dr. Muccio in Microeconomics I, what’s my grade next year in Macroeconomics II?Here’s what he found. The better the professors were, as measured by their students’ grades in later classes, the lower their ratings from students.” “This class should start an hour later in the morning. Also, theteacher shouldn’t wear sandals.” This NPR article summarizes a new study that tackles a problem that […]

Chased by a Robot Cheetah

Charismatic animal? Check.Neat gadgets? Check.A revealing look into something previously un-observable? Check.Oh boy, we’ve got ourselves a Nature paper brewing. Credit to Martin Heigan (left) and Richard Ashurst (right) A study published in the journal Nature led by Dr. Alan Wilson shines a light on why the way cheetahs move is so interesting. By using collars with some very fancy devices that measure how the animals change speed and direction, the research team showed that even though cheetahs are the fastest land animal on Earth, their ability to stop is what really catches dinner.The collared cheetahs displayed some of the […]