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Field Herpetology at The Southwest Research Station (Part 3)

I had a fantastic time teaching at the Southwestern Research Station’s Field Herpetology course this year. We returned to Ohio on Wednesday and definitely needed a couple of days to recover from eight straight days of hiking, teaching, and chasing after reptiles/amphibians. I had a few more pictures of animals and class activities, so we needed a part three to finish things up. Last beautiful day at the research station: The students had an awesome time catching Sonora Mud Turtles (Kinosternon sonoriense) with Dr. Justin Congdon, Professor Emeritus at the University of Georgia. He’s about the coolest guy you could […]

Get to Know a Grad Student: Chris Thawley

Our last PhD student for “Get to Know a Grad Student” is Chris Thawley from Penn State University. Chris is currently a member of Dr. Tracy Langkilde’s lab at PSU, but I met him while he was a Masters student at the University of Alabama with Dr. Leslie Rissler.    Chris Thawley in a shirt that was surely made by AND1. Here is what Chris thinks about his grad school experience: What kind of research do you do? Please give the scientific version and the non-scientist version. Less-scientific version: Broadly, I study how species adapt when their environment (habitat, other […]

Get to Know a Grad Student: Kyle Weichert

Kyle contemplating science with field assistant The second installation of the Get to Know a Grad Student series is Kyle Weichert. Kyle is a Master of Science student at California Polytechnic State University in Dr. Emily Taylor‘s lab. I’ve never met Kyle in person, but have talked to several reliable sources that say he’s a swell guy. Good enough for me, and lucky you for getting to hear his point of view.Here is what Kyle thinks about being a grad student: What research do you do? Scientific and non-scientist versions, please. I am studying the physiological factors that affect the Western […]