Rob Denton

Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology

First publication from SciFund support

The reason I started this blog two years ago was to connect to those who helped fund my science through the SciFund Challenge. Crowdfunding has come a long way, even since then, and I hope that my funders have been able to check back time and again to see how my PhD is progressing. However, after the t-shirts were sent and the thank-yous were written, I haven’t shown much about the salamander for for which I was so graciously supported by a group of science-loving citizens. One thing that is difficult to appreciate about science: it takes a long time. Creating new […]

Plenty of thanks to give on SciFund day 3

SciFund Challenge Day 3 update: I’m now 32% ($511) on the way to my goal! I’ve got plenty of folks to thank from the last two days. Tim Earnest – Tim was my boss during my summer jobs as an undergrad and one of my groomsmen in my wedding. He told me that his oldest daughter wants to name their salamander “Glitter Shine” or “Tim Mannix”. Thanks Tim! Tim Mitchener and Kari Bragg – The first donations to come from family members! Thanks so much Mom and Tim! My Mom was the first to break the $100 barrier, so awesome. […]